Unless otherwise advised please bring all the food you will need for the day.
There are no shops at sea.
Many of the larger boats have facilities for making hot drinks but this cannot be guaranteed, please consider it to be a bonus and bring your own soft drink. We do not usually encourage the consumption of alcohol during sailing session .
It is usually colder on the water than on land. Wear warm clothing made up of a number of layers that can be added to or removed as necessary.
A water and wind proof jacket will help to keep you warm and dry.
Waterproof trousers can also be useful.
Deck shoes are ideal otherwise flat shoes with good grip and a sole that will not mark the boat.
BATS require that lifejackets be warn for sailing activities and provide them for all participants.
Sun Protection
It does not always rain, so think about, hats, sunglasses, and sun block.
Blind at Sea
Cornwall's Sailing Club for Visually Impaired People